THROWBACK LIKE A PRO ; EZILE BAY (In the Western Region)

Seeing as today is #throwbacklikeapro day, I decided to post pictures from a shoot at one of my favourite beaches in Ghana. Ezile Bay is located about 30km West of the popular Busia Beach (don’t quote me on this, proper directions will be provided below). It’s an exclusive beach in the corners of the west not quite as popular as the other beaches yet a memorable spectacle. If you want to have an alone time on the beach with family and friends, this might be your spot.

Presentation from Ezile Bay Website ;

 One hour drive from Takoradi, Ghana’s third largest city and 40 minutes drive from Busua, Ezile bay has a unique location and environment.

Nestled in the hollow of a small beautiful bay, perfect for safe swimming, you will just be minutes away from the last primary coastal forest in West Africa 
where  many birds can be observed.

You can observe turtles ans whales from the nearby beaches from Akwidaa to Cape Three Points. The possibilities of excursions and tours on foot, by boat and by bike or car, are many and varied. 

Ezile Bay is located between two traditional fishing villages, Akwidaa and Katakor. In order to stay as close as possible to nature and the social, cultural and architectural environments, we preferred natural materials, clay, bamboo and raffia in Fante style. The entire site was built by local craftsmen using genuine materials and know-how.

Vigilant about our environmental footprint, we practice recycling of our waste and solar system provides electricity throughout the year. In the same spirit, the vegetable garden offers the opportunity to get fresh ingredients in the restaurant. The ecolodge offers bungalows with bathroom, rooms with shared bathroom and even a collective bungalow. Campers and truck travelers are welcome.

Google Map Location

Ahanta West
4.765670, -2.038960
Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.29.09 AM

IMG_5877 IMG_5887 IMG_5979 IMG_5983


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