African Traditions are all Different

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Ghana is a country with more than a thousand Chiefs, Princes, Princesses, Kings and Queens. They are traditional African Royalty; adorned with beautiful clothing and jewellery. Nothing else can leave you in genuine awe like attending an authentic royal wedding or burial. That is when you realise African traditions are as old as the mountains themselves.

In Accra you meet expats from all over the world, as they all try and find their own spot in the sun. Holding onto your own traditions can be difficult when nobody celebrates your countries’ National Holidays. Celebrating in traditional clothes while eating traditional food dishes is trickier. So we are left to celebrate local traditional days.

Farmers Day is an upcoming National Holiday in which farmers that excel in Ghana are recognised on a National scale. The day is celebrated close to Ghana’s late president’s Kwame Nkruma’s Birthday, and celebrated on the first…

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